Bev Palmer

Ask Bev and she will tell you that being a performer is all she has ever known.  From a very young age, Bev was introduced to the performing arts by her mother and although times were tough for her family, Bev’s mother was keen for her to embrace dancing, elocution, singing and piano lessons.  At three years old, Bev was sent off to perform as a singer on radio variety shows while her mother stayed home to listen.  Through her school years, Bev continued to take performance lessons and perform wherever there was an opportunity such as pantomimes at the Princess Theatre.  Her love and passion for performance grew steadily over those years.

At the age of 15 Bev auditioned for and was accepted into the Tivoli Ballet.

Over the next four years Bev danced in the Tivoli Theatre productions alongside Australian and international stars like Winifred Atwell, Sabrina and Shirley Bassey. Following her time at Tivoli, Bev performed for in the highly respected floor show of the elegant Chevron Hotel working 7 nights a week.  Bev was also in high demand as a singer/dancer at top hotels across Melbourne, Sydney and Surfers Paradise. In her early 20s Bev opened her own dance school with just a handful of students.  Since then Bev has spent countless hours over many years teaching private and group dance lessons, choreographing dance routines, preparing children for competitions and staging concerts. Many performers seen on Australian stages have developed their craft under Bev’s instruction and guidance and some have gone on to perform internationally in shows such as Annie, Mary Poppins, We Will Rock You, Chicago, Legally Blonde etc. Bev is also a well respected competition adjudicator.  Her keen eye and extensive knowledge across all dance styles has made her a popular choice by competition organisers across Australia for many years. Bev continues to produce new talent for the performing arts industry.  Recent past students have been accepted into highly competitive performing arts courses at NIDA, WAAPA and Ballarat University and others have been performing in Australia and international musical theatre and television. With the school now in its 53rd year Bev now looks forward to the ability to cater to a wider range of student needs with the launch of Bev Palmer Performing Arts.