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Student Success

Shrek the Musical (2020)

Congratulations to BPPA Elite students Charlize Costantin and Isobel Lauber on the amazing opportunity to play the role of Young Princess Fiona during the Melbourne season of Shrek The Musical Australia at Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne from 16 February 2020. Congratulations to our leading girls, we are so proud of you, this is such a wonderful opportunity and achievement! The start of something amazing for you both and how exciting to share this together! Reach for the stars girls!!

Guest Performance for Loredo Malcom (2019)

Congratulations to BPPA Elite student Paige Johnson who won a prize with the amazing opportunity to fly up to Perth and guest perform in Loredo’s Malcom’s company show!! Such an awesome experience for you and we know this is just the start of more incredible experiences Paige!! Reach for the stars!!